Sonarr est une application multi-plateforme dédiée aux utilisateurs BitTorrent et Usenet permettant de rechercher et d’automatiser le téléchargement de vos séries TV préférées libres de droits.

ReddIt. Pinterest. Sonarr is a program available for OSX, Windows, and Linux that is used to automatically search TV shows, which are then sent to a torrent or newsbin client. This program is convenient for those, like us, that travel and do not have access to cable. We do not watch a lot of television however, when it rains, or we are feeling a bit under the weather, it is nice to just Radarr is a movie collection manager for Usenet and BitTorrent users. It can monitor multiple RSS feeds for new movies and will interface with clients and indexers to grab, sort, and rename them. Book, Magazine, Comics Ebook and Audiobook Manager and Automation (Sonarr for Ebooks) - tingtom/Readarr 01/03/2018 20/03/2017 前言. 我也是最近才了解这块的,一直不明白tag的具体作用,官方文档也没写清楚,今天摸鱼的时候,搜了一下sonarr的Release Profiles,结果一下就找到答案了,瞬间豁然开朗,有种融会贯通的感觉. reddit的一篇帖子,详细的说明了Release Profiles的作用,顺带阐明了tag的作用 26/07/2020


I have DelugeVPN and Sonarr setup and running great! Binhex you're a saint and a scholar!! I have bought you a few beers! I was just wondering if there is anyway ( I don't know if Sonarr does this or not) that after the download completes, to delete it from my Completed downloads folder? I see the files in my Media/TV folder but it also stays Bug Report Since i restarted my ubuntu machine today, sonarr wont start. So what did I do I created a new server and installed everything again, but sill no result. Find more subreddits like r/sonarr -- Sonarr - Internet PVR

13/03/2020 · Smart PVR for newsgroup and bittorrent users. Contribute to Sonarr/Sonarr development by creating an account on GitHub.

Keep in mind that Sonarr will need read and write to the download folders as well as the final folders. For a more detailed explanation of these issues, see The Best Docker Setup wiki article on Reddit /r/usenet. 2 Install Sonarr. To install and use these Docker images, you'll need to keep the above in mind while following their documentation --During the installation, you will be asked which user and group Sonarr must run as. It's important to choose these correctly to avoid --permission issues with your media files. We suggest you keep at least the group name identical between your download client(s) and Sonarr. apt install sonarr--when prompt I used Sonarr as user, and sekthree Sonarr is a PVR for Usenet and BitTorrent users. It can monitor multiple RSS feeds for new episodes of your favorite shows and will grab, sort and rename them. It can also be configured to automatically upgrade the quality of files already downloaded when a better quality format becomes available.